Sex Pistols Tongue Lyrics

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It's all I want
It's all I need
Just some tongue
Can satisfy me
Don't say u're not ready
Because I know you are
Stop Being shy
You crazy ass whore

Gimme some tongue You dirty ole' slut
I need it now
I need it now
Just some tongue can make me do you
I need it now
I need it now

Help me
Oh, god help me
I'm spraying all over the floor
If you don't tongue me now
I'm gonna fuck some other whore
It's true what I do
If you don't tongue I'll fuck someone else
Gimme a blow
Or else i'll choke


The key of life
If you don't have a girlfriend
But you have a wife
Do it now
Do it hard
or else we'll do it
Put our finger in our drawers

(chorus times 3)
Thanks to Bradley for submitting Tongue Lyrics.

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