The Velvet Teen Tokyoto Lyrics

Cum Laude! Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 333
  • 2 Flicking Clint
  • 3 Rhodekill
  • 4 False Profits
  • 5 Tokyoto
  • 6 Noi Boi
  • 7 Spin The Wink
  • 8 Bloom
  • 9 Building A Whale
  • 10 In A Steadman Spray
  • 11 Around The Roller Rink
  • 12 Gyzmkid
  • 13 No One Gets The Best Of Me
  • 14 Spin The Wink (little cat mix)
  • 15 False Profits (cute version)
  • oh, my home
    is a frozen lake
    shadows skate past
    figures, i say
    i laughed out
    at the lines they made
    while overhead
    they flicker and dissipate
    saying, i was born a spark
    and i burned
    burned, myself a watermark
    i left, myself a trail
    to find my way
    when i fell, a stray
    and i walked a whale
    didn't rest, for many a day old
    to sing, to say, oh
    i will be again
    i have already been
    oh, i know i am going home
    but i don't know when
    i don't know when
    the foolish will crack
    but i will be here again
    to ruin and spit in

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