Blue Rodeo Together Lyrics

Small Miracles Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 So Far Away
  • 2 This Town
  • 3 Blue House
  • 4 3 Hours Away
  • 5 Makes Me Wonder
  • 6 Summer Girls
  • 7 Together
  • 8 Mystic River
  • 9 Black Ribbon
  • 10 C'Mon
  • 11 Small Miracles
  • 12 Beautiful
  • 13 Where I Was Before
  • 14 Blue House (acoustic)
  • We can fight and argue all night
    And I'll sing my blues
    And you'll sing yours too
    Cause no one's giving in
    No one's even listening
    To tired old words
    But we sure know how to hurt each other
    Each other

    We'll sharpen our knives
    And aim for the heart
    I know all my lines
    And you know your part
    But then after all the tears
    You fall asleep in my arms
    And then I realize this is all that I want together

    I know we're a mess
    Just like all the rest
    So let's just be
    And with time we'll see
    If it’s written in the stars up above
    Like everything you want but can’t get enough of
    If I can mend this golden thread
    That keeps us joined
    Together Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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