Kendrick Lamar Toca Tuesdays Lyrics

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Brother number 2, what it do
Yeah, … brother number 2, what it do
… knock beef like I knock boots
Propaganda when I step to rescue yo
You know they make it big than what it is in particular

Kendrick Lamar the modern day Malcom
Humble and modest but these margins can move a mountain
I march pit on the beat and leave the mark of a thousand marksmen
Clearing the street and killing rappers with talent, preach
Yes that talent, kids are scared of ya, can’t even spell competitor
Lord is my witness
I remember asking artists in streets how they did it
The only features I got is was this hand and face I was getting
How ironic, … was the shit like …
Now we faming over these beats while critics pay …
It’s too street like my 23 summers in Compton
I go so deep like my dick in your bitch hope the condom never do leak
2 seats, one car, all you hear yes daddy …
High salary blow jobs, high calorie rap bars and not me
My sweet 16 will probably need a school id
And usually high b, dominant victor
You know what time it is nigger …
I’m a slick … when I write this shit
I’m think on the shit, … and I think you’re a bitch
… we catching bodies, facing the hotel lobby, fuck you security
… I spit asset, hit your block and crumble your …
This is torture when I torture, or escort you
Out the building where ex-convicts with our …
Permanent hand shake, your man can’t stick to the script
… I was Malcolm to your belief.

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