Curren$y Toca Tuesday Freestyle Lyrics

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Michael calling on presidential rolling on
Me and Tony touch in the house hoes
I’m in here, basketball show’s on,
Dressed up, chilling, counting up a million,
High as the motherfucking ceiling on the building.
We can do whatever you’re feeling,
God prayer was a blast, bitches giving me air,
Rose in a glass, Ferrari, California,
Frozen cranberry juice, lemonade on them,
Shit, on the top of my…my…
Rolling up my line, clicking on good times,
Over Dr Dre beats, had 16 switches on my 63,
Plus one, six four, though, boy, I had the six tray, I get one in a couple of days.
I rap, I get paid, what I do on that bus will leave you bitches amazed.
Broke my phones in that so all you get for free.

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