Curbsquirrels To Whom It May Concern Lyrics

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I'm happy to see you, but sad to see.
What is it that pulled your heart to change in such a way?
Are you happier now or are you sad to say you've gone away?

Are you happy to see what your life has become?
Does it hurt you to know that you're not one of us?
Do you remember the joy that came from searching after God?
Is life easier now or isn't it just as hard?

We miss you hear old friend we wish you'd come around.
Just call me up and we'll hang out.
Remember when we would sit and tell our deepest thoughts.
We'd get together and say, "I'll never go away."

Jesus will take you back.
I've fallen myself before.
We're here for you please don't just give up.
We'll be happy to take you back.
We miss you oh so much,
we want you here with us right now!

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