Darkside To the Deceased Lyrics

Melancholia of a Dying World Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Deadly
  • 2 To the Deceased
  • 3 Prelude / Melancholia
  • 4 Pictures in Grey
  • 5 Dying World
  • 6 Shades of Grief
  • 7 Emesis of the Soul
  • 8 Fragmental Aggression
  • 9 Gedanken
  • 10 A Winter's Night
  • The ivory grief
    Brown pearls fade
    Shadows on pale walls

    Decay glides through the rotten room
    Angels blue eyes
    Open up and fade
    To black

    Blue is the colour of the evening
    The hour of our dying
    Azraels shadow in silence
    Darkening a brown garden

    Evening walking
    Dark villages of childhood
    Water filled with
    Poisoned sighs of mourning

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