Dispatched To Sleep You Go Lyrics

Motherwar Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Motherwar
  • 3 To Sleep You Go
  • 4 She's Lost
  • 5 Down
  • 6 Trail of Fear
  • 7 Templar
  • 8 Raven
  • 9 The Final Countdown
  • 10 Silver Waves
  • 11 Dispatched

  • [THE DAGGER SAGA - Chapter I]

    I am awaked from my past
    My mind is clear, nothing can change that now...
    Wounded and hurt I licked my marks
    I suffer no more, beautiful night is here again...

    I spread my wings to touch that flame
    Flame of whispers that tells me truth
    With open eyes I kiss you bye
    You leave us here by my hand

    A silver dagger penetrating your chest
    My beloved queen, to sleep you goes
    Night clouds ahead salutes your voyage
    My beloved queen, to sleep you goes

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