Eddy Arnold To My Sorrow Lyrics

The Tennessee Plowboy & His Guitar Track Listing
  • 1 Mother's Prayer
  • 2 Mommy Please Stay Home With Me
  • 3 The Cattle Call
  • 4 Each Minute Seems a Million Years
  • 5 Did You See My Daddy Over There
  • 6 Many Tears Ago
  • 7 I Walk Alone
  • 8 You Must Walk the Line
  • 9 (I'll Have To) Live and Learn
  • 10 Be Sure There's No Mistake
  • 11 I Couldn't Believe It Was True
  • 12 I Talk to Myself About You
  • 13 All Alone in This World Without You
  • 14 Can't Win, Can't Place, Can't Show
  • 15 What Is Life Without Love
  • 16 That's How Much I Love You
  • 17 Why Didn't You Take That Too
  • 18 Chained to a Memory
  • 19 Easy Rockin' Chair
  • 20 To My Sorrow
  • 21 It's a Sin
  • 22 I'm Somebody Nobody Loves
  • 23 That Little Boy of Mine
  • 24 Don't Bother to Cry
  • 25 Me Too
  • Then you left me to love another to my sorrow I trusted you

    Only time can heal this longing in my heart dear
    And somebody else may help me to forget
    I should hate you for all these heartaches
    But to my sorrow I love you yet
    [ steel ]
    To my sorrow you made a vow dear and you promised to never go
    Now your promise and vows are broken why I love you I'll never know

    Maybe someday when your head has turned to silver
    You'll be sorry that you said we had to part
    Though I'm smiling inside I'm crying
    Cause to my sorrow you're in my heart

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