December Wolves To Kill Without Emotion Lyrics

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I'm gonna tear your fuckin' heart out!
My purpose is to bring you sorrow.
I always meant to cause you pain.
(I'm a) Servant of violence, I walk with fire in my veins.
For I am the one you serve.
Genocide, you deserve TO KILL WITHOUT EMOTION!
Desecrate with no debate.
Eliminate the ones I hate. TO KILL WITHOUT EMOTION!
(Get) on your knees and beg.
Your shrieks do nothing.
Welcome to my world that is - My target!
I will create rivers of blood such as you will never forget.
Get in line and get ready to greet your leader - Satan!
For I am the one you serve.
Bullets and cum, you deserve TO KILL WITHOUT EMOTION!
Nailing your arses to the wall, cause I don't give a fuck at all,
so say one last thing before I...!!!

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