Daniele Liverani To Be Free Lyrics

Genius: A Rock Opera, Part II: In Search of the Little Prince Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 He Will Die
  • 2 Playing in Their Dreams
  • 3 You Won't Escape
  • 4 Valley
  • 5 Beware
  • 6 My Dear Son
  • 7 What He Has to Say
  • 8 All My Fault
  • 9 To Be Free
  • 10 Fight Again
  • 11 Far Away From Here
  • I'm So Sorry
    About That Ungrateful Man
    He Didn't Believe You, But I Did
    Blinded By Glory
    He Was Not Able To Understand
    Innocence Shining Through Your Eyes
    And I Know That I Am Right
    'Cause This Time I Will Help
    Someone To Be Free

    There Is A Backdoor
    That No One Knows About
    I Escape Through It Every Night
    And I Will Take You There
    And Then You Will Be Free Again
    I Know That I Will Risk My Life
    But I Know That I Am Right
    'Cause This Time I Will Help
    Someone To Be Free

    Lookin Within Your Desperate Eyes
    I Can See My Fears
    We Are The Victims
    Of The Same Oppressive Mind
    I Want To Follow You
    And Run Away From This Prison
    I Must Respect My Identity
    But I'm So Glad For The First Time

    He Won't Be The Winner !
    He Won't Be The Winner !
    Because This Time
    [Klepsydra & Main Choir]</i> I Will Help Someone To Be Free !

    Beyond The Valley
    You'll Find An Ancient Oak
    That Is The Entrance To The Stores
    Now Go On And Save The Prince
    [Klepsydra & Main Choir]</i> So That You Can Also Help Someone
    [Klepsydra]</i> To Be Free, To Be Free , To Be Free

    After a while, Genius eyes became clear and while he was listening to her warm soft voice, the hope of a solution came shining back into his heart, mending the wounds. Genius was led by Klepsydra to a secret backdoor, thorugh which he left the Palace. He returned to where he left Twin Spirit N. 32, eager to find him still there.. and there he was ! Now, they were together once again, with more chances than ever for them to fight for King Mc Chaos innocence !

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