Antithesis Times of Trial Lyrics

Dying for Life Track Listing
  • 1 Soul of Ice
  • 2 Consequence
  • 3 Deceiver Within
  • 4 Distanced
  • 5 Times of Trial
  • 6 Mad Poet
  • 7 Politicide
  • 8 Dying for Life (Limbo, Part 2)
  • 9 Netherworld
  • Can you tell me what you see
    A gentle flowing river
    Or a stormy troubled sea

    In this life you will find
    Tests and trials and despair
    If your faith is strong
    you'll know where to cast your cares

    Hold your head up high, not with pride or arrogance
    Be glad to know you got another chance

    I know the pain that's in your life
    Been down that road before
    Just when things were going right
    Fate had a twist in store

    Two roads I must travel on
    One life for another death
    One voice whispered in my ear
    Don't you give up just yet

    On a trail of tears, I have to face my fears
    Unlike the other one, left life with his own gun

    Just what went through his mind
    That peace he'll never find
    How do I carry on, now that my brother is gone?

    My life flashed before my eyes
    When I was twenty-five
    When I thought this could be the end
    I fought to stay alive

    I was indestructible
    I lived an ideal life
    But things change for better or for worse
    Each life a gift divine

    From the lessons learned and the bridges I have burned
    I have found but one true friend
    Who will stand by me through times of complexity
    And help me through the times of trial

    When I look in a mirror I can tell you who I see
    A man with new beginnings
    Living out his destiny

    I am here with you in spirit
    I will never leave your side
    I'll be right here if you need me
    Take my hand and walk with me

    All the while these are times of trial
    Carry onward through the darkest miles

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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