The The Time Again for the Golden Sunset Lyrics

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I used to be indecisive
But now... I'm not so sure
There's little sign of feeling
When you look into their eyes.
The politicians sighing, that -
"nothing's going wrong in our world tonight -
nothing... (we don't understand)"
There's no point in speaking -
"help me if you can"
Is this a retribution
to compensate for a lack of understanding.
I think we should pretend
that nothing's going wrong in our world tonight,
nothing - (we don't understand)
& I'm doing the best that I can.
Am I locked up forever, in a picture of despair,
I've put my spirit on to paper & into words
I've opened my eyes & I've realized
- who I really am.
I thought I loved you, but I think I must be wrong
There's another feeling in my heart
This sense of pride, is silencing my sorrow,
I find it hard to come alive
when I'm hollowed out - Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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