Sugar Tilted Lyrics

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I only do these things to freak you out
I never wanted you to doubt me
I believe you, do I believe you
I try to block you out to hear myself
I can't believe I'm thinking to myself
Would I leave you, in such suspense

I let it go and go and go
But what you're thinking through the silence
I really wish you understood
A couple of words get so much mileage

I never felt an urge to say a word
I'd rather listen to the din of
Other people closing in one me, I lay in bed
And think of words that you should hear
I fall asleep and then they disappear
A fall from grace, from memory

I hear a voice inside the silence
Speak your peace and all's forgotten
I hear the static on the line
Remember how this all got started

Remember, remember, it's tilted

I turn away a minute disappears
I turn away in shame when I don't hear
What you're thinking, tell me what you're thinking
You take it out on me
You're not flaking out on me, are you
Turn it tilted, hey wait a minute

I never wanted you to be upset
But I can see you're trying to forget
What was said, what was said
Don't try to hang me up again
Don't try to hang up on me wait up

Turn it tilted, I need help it's

Remember, remember, it's tilted
Beaster Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Come Around
  • 2 Tilted
  • 3 Judas Cradle
  • 4 JC Auto
  • 5 Feeling Better
  • 6 Walking Away
    DVD 2
  • 1 Tilted
  • 2 The Act We Act (live)
  • 3 A Good Idea (live)
  • 4 Changes (live)
  • 5 Beer Commercial (live)

  • Written by: Bob Mould

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