Cypress Hill Till Death Comes Lyrics

[Chorus: x2]
My game so strong, I can't go wrong
My dough so long, baby why prolong
Baby we get high, Baby we get dough
Baby we can party all night till death come

We been in the game for a long time
Yes we're battle tested
With the time and the emotion, and the money invested
And if you think hard
No one elses game is tighter
Check the network, up in ya ****ing service provider
I bought you thug ****
Thought you drug ****
Got you bugged ****
Tell me what we haven't done
We run you through course son
Leave you understanding what the street life is
But you haters never understand
So eat my ****
You better
Get on your concentration
If you ready to roll on me
And good *****es if you want to unload on me
Cause if you miss you won't get that far
Ill have you jumping fences
And running down the treat like a track star
I'm at the finish line, its essential
We so influential
Well strip you of your street credential
Game recognize, game we all about
Think you can diminish mine
Look homey I got a career

[Chorus: x2]

They call me dog homey
Look I don't sell woof tickets
I got my fingers on the trigger
And I'm ready to click it
I never back down
there's nothing you cand do to me *****
Who the **** are you
Your face is really new to me *****
You want to run with the dog
Try paying your dues homes
Bum ***** yelling every time that I use chrome
So many *****s, ain't none of them blast, the right lights
In the woods be stunning their ***
I took a chance
To advance, in my life believe it
It takes a stand to be a man
Plus the gang conceited
Fools trying to be hard
They only act the role
You little sorry *** *****es, Ill smack you hoes
Try to fool people
Make em think you something your not
I'm exposing all you *****es
By provoking the crowd
Raw dogging, dying for some action, drama
Your ***** shocked out
Bullets through plastic dome

[Chorus: x2]

Written by: Larry E. Muggerud, Louis M. Freeze, Senen Reyes

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