Jon Connor Til I Collapse Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jon Connor]
First we talked about the shit I miss the most 'bout the game
When every joint on radio ain't sound exactly the same
They tell you be original and go create your own lane
Then they say sound like somebody else for my shit to get played
Tell me this; who hire these people that make these decisions?
Cuz to me it's common sense that this is just bad business
Cuz if that guy failed, and this guy failed
Why don't you sign somebody that sounds just like him and expect him to sell?
Maybe that's because these motherfuckers just don't care
And I do - and that's why they say that I'm so rare
That's why me and my crew keep gettin' swept under the carpet
Cuz when we blow, we gon' expose so many artists
Fuck the world, here I come and you gon' swallow my style
This good rap - I know, you ain't heard this shit in a while
You needed that real shit, I hope you listenin' now
I make certified hits, you ain't pitchin' a foul

[Hook: Jon Connor]
This for my people keep them hands high (high)
That real shit is what they need and
I do it for a reason
They got they motherfuckin' hands high (high)
That fake shit is barely breathin'
I do it for the Midwest (c'mon)
Southside (c'mon), Eastside (c'mon), Westside (c'mon)
I tell them motherfuckers Midwest (c'mon)
Southside (c'mon), Eastside (c'mon), Westside (c'mon)

[Verse 2: Jon Connor]
Is this what we come to?
I feel like all you niggas sat in one room
And said "Look, this is what we gon' do
"whoever write a verse quick, come up with the worst shit
That'll be the template for what we all work with
We'll use this verse and do different variations
Give it to every station make 'em play it til you hate it
Matter fact - these shits will be in illest rotation
That way you won't really have to know how to rap to make it
Play this shit so much the people'll hate it til they love it
It's the only shit we'll play so the people'll say "fuck it"
Let's have a competition called Who's Shit Can Be The Dumbest?
Let's see who can make the most money sayin' absolutely nothin'"
Make disposable rappers with disposable songs
That way, when they fall off you won't even notice they gone
"Oh well, so long, nice to meet you, life goes on"
They just replace 'em with the next one who dyin' to get on

[Hook: Jon Connor]

[Verse 3: Jon Connor]
I want labels baffled like "how we let this guy get away?"
Like imagine all them motherfuckers that passed on Jay
Or the labels that heard Jesus Walks and passed on 'Ye
I bet they still kickin' they self in they ass to this day
Or think about the folks who ain't see the future in Wayne
They turned around and he became the top dawg in the game
Don't worry cuz I'mma make 'em feel exactly the same
Jon Connor motherfucker - remember the name
Right now, these labels like me, I need 'em to love me
I ain't money hungry but I can't just let y'all fuck me
So I'mma keep provin' why all these niggas can't touch me
I ain't slowin' down no, it's 'bout to get ugly
So I think it's prolly time for all of y'all to regroup
I'm independent on my shit I ain't got shit to recoup
Do what the fuck I wanna do, nobody to answer to
I fuckin' love my situation nigga, what about you?

[Hook: Jon Connor]

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