While Heaven Wept Thus With a Kiss I Die Lyrics

Sorrow of the Angels Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Thus With a Kiss I Die
  • 2 Into the Wells of Sorrow
  • 3 The Death of Love
  • 4 September
  • Abandoned and nobody cares
    I watched you walk away
    As if I were never there
    You said you're not the only one in this world
    Yet you're the only one I've ever loved
    From my sole sanctuary exiled
    And likewise heaven above

    You have forsaken me

    Sleepwalk to the gallows
    To expel my hollow soul
    Unto fire, unto cold
    Into hell I must go
    A broken heart, a broken wing, I'm falling
    Into this pain deep within
    Infinitely spiraling
    To my sorrow-filled end

    You have foredoomed me

    When again these eyes you gaze into
    You'll see I'm still reaching for you

    How could you leave me here?

    You have forsaken me

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