Yukmouth feat. Gonzoe , Mad Max , Phats Bossi , Poppa LQ & Tech N9ne Thugged Out Lyrics

Thugged Out: The Albulation Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Godzilla
  • 2 Do Yo Thug Thang
  • 3 City of Dope
  • 4 Thugged Out
  • 5 Ridaz
  • 6 Stallion
  • 7 Father Like Son
  • 8 Hater
  • 9 U Love 2 Hate
  • 10 Ice Cream Man
  • 11 It's in My Blood, Part II
  • 12 Still Ballin'
  • 13 Revelationz
  • 14 Rolex Rulez
    CD 2
  • 1 Sad Millionaire
  • 2 The Ballers Feud
  • 3 Pop Da Collar
  • 4 My Buddy
  • 5 Extortion
  • 6 Menage A Trois
  • 7 Falling
  • 8 Mackin vs Pimpin
  • 9 Gangsta Bitch
  • 10 Rap-A-Lot Mafia
  • 11 Sacrifice My Life
  • 12 Baller Mode
  • 13 Bumbell
  • 14 Secret Indictment
  • *(Yukmouth)*
    Regime Life *****!!
    Speak on it!
    Tech 9!(Tech 9!)
    Phats Boss (Phats Boss)
    Gonzoe (Gonzoe)
    L.Q. ***** (L.Q.)!

    Chorus *(Phats Bossi)*
    Throw up yo hands if you Thugged Out!
    First ***** act up, first ***** gettin drugged out!
    Throw up yo hands if you Thugged Out!
    First ***** act up, first ***** gettin drugged out!

    Verse 1 *(Yukmouth)*
    Balla position
    Regime *****s **** all'a ya women draped up in linen
    I spit this fly **** since I was 5 years old
    On some 'ol Osh Kosh Bi'Gosh ****
    Toss ya *****, keep it top secret, lock it
    Smoke-A-Lot click, walkin around wit ounces in they pockets
    *****es jock it
    We ridin Benz's, ya'll still drivin 50 rockets
    ***** don't knock it
    But you need to stop it
    Top notch ****
    I used to cop bricks
    Rock it up an chop like La-Bobbitt
    Pushin the 5 whip through the projects til the led 9 spits
    ***** you rhyme sick, but you could never **** around wit my ****
    My click my crew *****
    That hard time ****
    Criminal minded, posted on the grind ****
    That cone silencer for one time ****
    Turnin, pounds into ashes
    Drinkin Cristal from the bottle
    **** ya glasses
    Smokin Black-N-Milds to the plastic
    The last trial was kinda drastic
    Limo driver got his *** kicked, tryin to sue us
    I'm A-1 Yola juss like the package
    Delivered in triple wrappin
    *****s get blasted an put in a casket
    Ashes to ashes an dust to dust, when they **** wit Yuk
    Plus I got my own record label
    SO WHAT THE **** IS UP!

    Verse 2 *(Phats Bossi)*
    When things is usual we pop Christy
    An stack them Bentley's
    Ya pockets empty pretending to be me
    They name me Bossi
    My whole click rich like we the Cosby's
    Slippin's costly
    It's cut-throat so **** a softie
    In head to head combat
    You scared to bust back
    An trust that
    Call the Regime we known to pull gats in black hats
    Hop out the company truck
    Give a ****, fill my cup an celebrate wit Yuk
    Now that we grown ups
    Rock alligators an bumpin slow cuts
    Juss like the Sho Nuff, we can't be touched
    I was raised ruff
    Gang banged an hand cuffed
    Fightin ??? always showin my guts, flexin my nuts
    Hand me my 'Uervo
    Flip work like we was Trader Joe's from Cisco
    Optimo, now it's X-O
    Fightin my ??? for death
    Pray it's my brother that's kept
    When you owe, pay ya debt an we can make it some ???

    Verse 3 *(Gonzoe)*
    We got it bundled up
    Gimme my scratch
    It's juss my turn an I'ma take mine
    ***** don't get attached
    Tryin to soak up, listenin
    Tryin to locate my donuts an hit 'em
    While we juss got on ****in up my business
    Never finished
    Til we give up the plate
    Extra innings
    Swing for the fence
    You think too little
    Your world dance wit mud puddles
    My **** Evian, I love trouble
    Start wisperin wit ya hands wide open, watchin you huddle
    Big every down
    Everybody got guns, let 'em ring
    You ****in wit me, let's all go out wit a bang
    In this last day, this last hour
    Cool-aid chest cowards wit they life in my hands set off the power
    Lights out
    ??? the whole house
    Wit a gallon of gas to douse
    Light a flame an flush 'em out
    Every slug count
    Miss an get your stripes took
    ***** this is real life wit real names written in the black books!

    Throw up yo hands if you Thugged Out!
    First ***** act up, first ***** gettin drugged out!
    Throw up yo hands if you Thugged Out!
    First ***** act up, first ***** gettin drugged out!
    I can be a villain if ya.... let me! (Thugged Out!!)
    First ***** act up, first ***** gettin drugged out!
    I can be a villain if ya.... let me! (Thugged Out!!)
    First ***** act up, first ***** gettin drugged out!

    Verse 4 *(Poppa L.Q.)*
    (Check it)
    Ever since I was a youngsta been wit this slick ****
    Tryin to touch a quick one, number one ???
    Turn an 18 to a full 36 ain't jokin that's how we did it
    We was natural born chemists
    Ballin wit this, Benjamin big heads in my fist
    Got ya life in my pocket an more than that on my wrist
    I got my degree in the concreate of S.C.
    Comprised wit gettin paper, an started investin in me
    Utilized my hustle skills beyond my record deal
    And time will reveal whose really holdin the skrill
    Playboy ya lackin, ain't touchin my tax brackets
    You ****in wit some thugs, wit some multi-million dollar ???
    An if it's on an crackin then my reaction is clappin
    Is you gon' make it happen or is ya high cappin?
    Ya betta get to trackin playboy if you ain't packin
    Smoke-A-Lot, Regime is distributin max ???
    Spent years over the stove in a mini-factory lab
    Where illegal pharmaceudicals were sold
    I was probably 10 years old when I learned to disassemble
    Then reassemble a semi-auto matic pistol blind fold!

    Verse 5 *(Tech N9ne)*
    They call me Regime, 'cause I'm way clean in stay Beam
    Never live in no day dream, ***** *****s wear Maybelline
    Throwin up peace 'cause you know that I got you
    ??? ??? ??? ??? but I cop too
    Rogue Dog! Rogue Dog!
    57 venomous!
    When I bust this **** got a gang of criminals feelin us
    I'm from Waymeyer the same kinda pain caine grinda
    Wit a scripta
    Stickin out like a skin head at a ?bahrmistfa?
    **** wit N9ne get snuffed out
    Phats Bossi, Maxx, Poppa L.Q., Gonzoe
    An my ***** Yukmouth, Thugged Out!
    Any ***** wit the bombay
    Never con-ways displayed
    So-right, so-tight
    New York *****s say be John Blazed
    I been to the ringa
    Scrapped 'em like I was a guest on Jerry Springer
    Wit desert eagle, tech meezle
    A ??? a *****, a drop a ???
    I die a lil *****
    Leave 'em wit a 30 round drummer
    Slit ya throat then we skip out, "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
    Ain't nobody ****in wit Regime *****s
    Bust gats at ya cats makin extreme figures
    Get ready for the Rogue Dogs, told ya'll we seperatin yo jaw
    ****in yo hoes dog
    Lickin toes, balls
    Makin mutha ****in clothes fall
    OH! You mutha ****as don't know!
    At the show you trippin, gotta go get the steel toe
    To the brain *****
    REGIME KILLAS keep the function poppin
    You really want to know what time we leave, ****.... ???
    REGIME KILLAS.... *****!!!

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