Yukmouth feat. Kool G Rap Thug Money Lyrics

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I don't give a f___ what y'all haters do, I'ma get thug money
Hustler now, there with my crew, ain't nothin like thug money
First of the month, fiends' checks is due, gotta get thug money
Hustler now, there with my crew, ain't nothin like thug money

[ VERSE 1: Yukmouth ]
Thug n____s drink bottles of XO and Christie
f___ whiskey long as chicks be givin me headshots like Lewinsky
My click be extra tipsy, thuggin in a 4.6 v
Three TV's, DVD's and PlayStation, who's f___in with me?
Personally, you gotta be gold, platinum, pimpin or either hustlin ki's
To even be puffin my weed
f___in with me is gettin hauled, tied, stuffed in a tree
With dynamite stuck to your feet
It's rough in the street, m____fuckas get touched in the street
I got these f__got rappers clutchin they heat
Cause ain't no discussin a beef
Actions speaks louder than words
Recipes for n____s secret ????
n____s get served with the Mossberg
'Sawed-off shotgun, hand on the pump'
Leavin m____fuckas slump
n____s get dumped like blunt ashes
I got these f__gots takin thug classes
Smokin hash and gettin they a__ tatted
Got the padded calabasses ????
My n____s came a long way from bein on section 8
While featherweights hesitate my money escalate
Make moves in every state, got 20's on the Escalade
I smoke everyday, drink Louis XIII
More platinum teeth than platinum jewerly, enough to hurt me
??? Iceberg ???, rock brim hats and Moschino
I'm like Nino plus shoot c___s and hit Casinos
10 g's in chips tryin to break s___ up
My necklace stay lit up, my Rolex stay chipped up
My vehicle's rimmed up, drink Christie till I'm p___y drunk with hicups
I used to dump on n____s, hit stick-up's
So many bricks got cooked up, ghetto pusher f___in ghetto sisters
Now I eats models out the ???? bushes
For my thug n____s hustlin crack
Yukmouth, Kool G Rap - what's f___in with that?
Holler back, b____


[ VERSE 2: Kool G Rap ]
A paid thug n____ known to lay rugs, bust a 8 snub
Crushed grape bub, pop a $200 plate grub
Gorilla family booty shake clubs
Nuff of the ???? love, I got yours and take it in blood
n____, you got ???? to take it in slugs
Rearrange the shape of your mug
Hit you with a shake and a hug
Then lay you down for a cake of the drugs
Dirty money, cover the paper with mud
Dig in your pigeon while we caper the scrub
n____, you nothin but a snake in a bud
G Rap and Yukmouth'll get you tossed out and struck out
n____, you lucked out, we plushed out
???? out, got n____s trippin like a bus route
Holdin hammers but not ready to bust out
Get tossed out steppin to these, weaponry like Vietnamese
Sweatin the gees, get wet in the knees
Left in the trees east and the west, we rep a breeze
Till the death we keep it stress-free
But very daily hold the heavy s___ inside of Chevy's
Plannnin your death over spaghetti
We target-ready, turn your mind in confetti
Flippin the most, fully-loaded clip in the toast
Pour a tall glass of Cris and we toast
Couple of hollers, grip and rip on a coast
Couple of chickens with our d___ in they throats
b____es strippin on boats, n____s trickin they notes
All the chips that we gross, millionaire status
Mafia marriage, n____ that's out for carats like rabbits
Stuff the wall safe with stacks of cabbage
Put a gat in back of your cabbage
You livin lavish, n____, give up the package
Got the ???? n____s livin savage
Troubled kids and b______s
Out of your average, ???? danger and hazards
Young gun n____s that strap the ratchet
Lay you back inside of a casket
Put you in plastic, stretch you like elastic
When the Mac hit it burn like acid
You do Hail Mary's like you was Catholic
Need a priest, n____, to chat with
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