Yukmouth Thug Lord Lyrics

Thug Lord: The New Testament Track Listing
  • 1 Old Testament (Intro)
  • 2 Thug Lord
  • 3 Oh Boy!
  • 4 Clap Yo Hands
  • 5 Hi Maintenance
  • 6 Puffin Lah
  • 7 We Gone Ride
  • 8 Thug Money
  • 9 Do It Right
  • 10 World's Most Hated
  • 11 So Ignorant
  • 12 Ooh! Ooh! Donuts!
  • 13 Regime Killers 2001
  • 14 Smile
  • 15 New Testament (Outro)
  • [Chorus]
    Thug Lords
    Holdin' the chopper in the sky, nigga (Bust Yours)
    All my niggaz, they down to ride for the (Thug Lords)
    Nigga that cross me, his ass gon die, my nigga (Bust Yours)
    Them niggaz (Want War)

    [Verse 1]
    I'm glad you said it, now you old ass rappers gon get it
    Been in the business twenty seconds, held down eleven
    J., you better tell these fuckin peasants, you wet me, you get wetted
    Even your fuckin ______, get detted
    Fake ass synthetic, poetic emcees get shredded
    Styles pathetic, I move to Texas, take all your letice
    I got a six-million dollar fetish, that's what it takes to build me
    I know you wish some niggaz peel me, and drill me
    You better pay a nigga to peel me, and kill me
    Fill me 'til the shit the empty, play it filthy, put a hundred slugs in me
    Spot a nigga out like Spuz Mc Kenzie, the thug is in me
    My spare time, I rhyme, drink Remy, load up the semi
    I was born to slap the shit out of macks, take their bitch
    Run up in their studio, duct tape their clique
    A smilie face ain't shit, if you got Yuk in your mouth
    My nuts in your mouth, how does it feel to get fucked in your mouth?
    Niggaz ridin' Bentley's, your artist stuck in the house
    Starvin', broke as fuck in the apartment, stuck in the south
    I'm weighed out, niggaz some where in Germany, burnin' weed
    Learnin' these foreign languages, tourin'
    Allways performin' like Laryn Hill, my shit's sore as steel
    I'm real, like Slim Shady, bitch quit ignorin' skills
    I kill, niggaz better stop smokin fry, and poppin' pills, I drill
    But all you muthafuckaz, I'm the illest nigga, I feel
    Fuck a record deal, the game is fake
    My nigga Coolio said "Fuck 'em", start sayin' names and dates
    Make 'em hate the "One Hit Wonder"
    This time, my shit hit like thunder, in the Hummer, nigga, the MOB took me under
    Try'na be mack niggaz, stay your ass in Atlanta
    Old ass rappers, make Oakland look bad like Hammer
    Niggaz dissin Yuk, sayin' they don't like my shit
    Then turn around and say "Yuk, help me write my shit"
    Ain't that a bitch?

    Thug Lords
    Holdin' the chopper in the sky, my nigga (Bust Yours)
    All of my niggaz, they down to ride for the (Thug Lords)
    The nigga that cross me, his ass gon die, my nigga (Bust Yours)
    Them niggaz (Want War)

    [Verse 2]
    If them niggaz ain't down wit gettin' cream, fuck 'em
    And if them niggaz ain't down wit the Regime, fuck 'em, I rush 'em
    Aim at their limosine, buck 'em, I never loved 'em
    I never trust them, nigga I crush 'em, old antiques I dust 'em
    And fuck 'em off in the game like so
    Nobody _____, fuck wit my flow, not even you stole my hydro
    My main objective: "Take this bitch over"
    They gon make me vice president before this bitch over
    Beware of the Ayatolla, come and shut you down
    Make you exit out of town, who got the best shit now?
    Nigga, you know your ass was in Tha Row, what side you on?
    That's why I'm doin' my next song with Eightball and Bone

    Bitch, (ha ha ha ha)Thug Lord (ha ha ha, yes) Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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