Mos Def Thug Is a Drug Lyrics

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Quick question,
You ever felt like the realest ***** alive?
Felt too pretty or powerful to die?
Tell the truth,
You ever felt ugly enough to cry?
Have you ever begged for mercy?
Have you ever wished you died?
Tell the truth,
Have you ever taken pride in the crime?
Been too hungry to break down or hide?
Felt low down dirty? Or super duper high?
Or contemplated murder, robbery, or suicide?
Tell the truth,
Taken medicine for trouble in your mind?
Or taken down a number? For taking up a scheme?
I made her wild, beautiful take her 'til she skeet?
Take her to the penthouse or take her to the skreet?
Tell the Truth,
So the waterman he take it to the beat
And I take it to the 'mic
So we takin' what we like
Take it to your neck
We gon' take it to the bank
Triple X, Killa K
Black we take it to your face
Like, G "Bank bank"

Gangsta, birth sign is danger
It's like thug is the drug
That make 'em fall in love
When love don't love nobody
Bank, bank
Gangsta, star sign is danger
It's like thug is the drug
Ready rock, steady pump
Man they leanin' and they fiendin'
Cause they can't get enough

The Dee-Jay play this song in the dance
And every buggy on the block got the tune on blast
The TV is like the radio with visuals too
So shiny, so gutter, mean moody and cool
Tell the truth,
They might be doing things that you wanna' do
You fantasize as they be living it through
The big home with the beautiful view
You have a swim in the pool, and get fresh
And take a spin in the coupe
Tell the truth,
You probably want to feel the world in your palm
While hold a gun in your hand
And make 'em know you a star
Tell the truth,
And there's those who probably already are
They well known in they zone
Or they town or they block
Tell the truth,
Then there's the rest who are usually not
And the heavy dose of thug feel like all that they got
So they ready to rock, R-r-rock


Written by: Dante Smith, Mark Richardson
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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