White Zombie Thrust! Lyrics

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Thrust in deep there are no limitations - Wing shaped
Constellations everywhere now - Creep, babe, creep your
Life's a suicide and I said "I'm gonna ride it" She don't care
Now -Yeah! Maybe - the night ride gonna bleed - Yeah!

Maybe - this is what ch'all need! Sink'n deep into your
Destination dig the demolition everywhere, now - Creep,
Babe, creep into your ring 'o' fire - Burned out on the
Wire - She don't care, now - Yeah! Maybe - the night ride

Gonna bleed - Yeah! Maybe - this is what ch'all need! Open
The darkness an hour later to the minute (moment) move
Under the guilty she went deep into the corner - Snap dog
City hypnotize and break the mercury - Rig test - Oil inject

Freak hallucination - Shot through the backdoor buzz a
Whirling locomotion West straight to another Through
The sea of love - Life on the line - Still in time - You will find
"She has gone away." Don't ask why - super sky - live or

Die "She has gone away." Figure this - no more, sis - Spanish
Kiss. "She has gone away." Thrust
Into a diamond generation -
Dexceleration everywhere - Up from

Hell a missile to the moon and zero
To the 3 and 4 and 5 and Yeah! Maybe
The night ride gonna bleed - Yeah!
Maybe - this is what y'all need! How

Fast can you really move me Come
On, come on, come on, come on, yeah!
A ritual electro-nation - yow!!

Written by: Ivan Peter De Prume, Jay Noel Yuenger, Rob Zombie, Rob Wolfgang Zombie, Shauna Yseult Reynolds
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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