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Papa Roach Lyrics

I kill the rhyme again,
I'm comin' sick and on time again
Words manfest from deep inside
Where people hide
Within it, chemical imbalance
On the triple beam **** what you heard, it's about what I seen
I seen it happen,
Back hand brand to face smackin'
Definite disorder,
Now his mindset is blackened
The doctors say he's got the brain of a murderer
This rugged style steals your brain like a burglar

My heart is bleeding and this pain will not pass
It's not receding my body going numb
A bad trip child, rolling stoned, keeping high
He don't know what he's doing
Go away, I want to be thrown away

Born sick, nothing in his hands but his ****
He couldn't handle pressure, he couldn't handle ****
For the life he was leading,
Led him down the wrong path
Where guns blast, don't give a ****
About the God's wrath
Don't want to talk to the counselor, Doctor
To tell 'em what's real, tell 'em what's proper
The situation's unclear like gray
And I know it gets worse everyday


I am a mess, I've made a huge mess
I can't control myself
I'm losing it, I've lost it
I've split all my marbles

'Cause i see you inside of me
Sometimes I want to be thrown away
A hyper spaz, and that is the way
Sometimes I want to be thrown away

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