Joe Budden Throught The Wire Lyrics

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My new shit real nigga muzik real niggaz only (Chorus)
If it goes to the wire,
I won't ever fall I got the soul of a fighter,
Walk bare foot over the coal over fire
Nobody's gonna love me like me so I'm my sole (soul) provider

Nobody thought I'd ever be dope with the pen
Whole first album was real all wrote from within
Got a little bit of fame
I'm in the five top ?? I'm locin again
Nah I ain't smoking again
Maybe I was too advanced
Or cos the masses didn't go through it first hand
Maybe they couldn't understand
The trials of a kid who never graduated
Maybe they'd rather hear some bullshit that's fabricated
Like my rims keep spinning on the V on the ave
Fuck me getting shot at or me gettins stabbed
Fuck getting so high to the point I was getting so high
off of that high that i almost died
Fuck everything that i seen in the precinct that indecent
Or the coppers tryna keep me in their for no reason
Fuck being homeless, ribcage showing
?? had beef but had to go there to eat
Fuck me growing up and not getting to see dad
Fuck therapy, detoxes and rehabs
Dudes in the hood being wild undercover
Or me beefing with my childs mother
Or fuck Joe Budden the 3rd
Chill cos if you fuck with Joe Budden the 3rd, then nigga that's my word
Fuck the jealousy deceit,
Fuck the strong armoured B&E's
Life's much older than 23
Fuck what i rap and fuck this in a pad
and nigga, fuck me missing my dad
Maybe if i rap bout buying the bar out or the jewelry I got then y'all niggas will listen to that
But listen, know now that this is my whole style
I can't rap that other shit, I don't know how
All the hate shit on me, and the fakeness I see
I write the real and you can't take that from me

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