Hades Throughout Me, Threw Out You Lyrics

Exist to Resist Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Exist to Resist
  • 2 Rape of Persephone
  • 3 Doubt
  • 4 Colorblind
  • 5 Deter-My-Nation
  • 6 Throughout Me, Threw Out You
  • 7 Second Degree Sleepwalking
  • 8 A (G)
  • 9 The Other
  • 10 The Leaders '95
  • Love you, is what I do
    Need you, desire in my blood for you
    At first, I had control
    For my worst distinguished feeling to be bold

    Syringe pulses into my veins
    Eyes roll back I'm in love again

    I knelt, a bed has taken the cross' place
    Hopeless, my guard went down
    Numbness, my smile's converted to a frown

    (Enticed by forbidden fire
    Reasons get worn down to the wire
    Until some exhibit displays
    We've all come unblind to our own weakness)

    If ? sees this word
    Cold facts, show me that I'm absurd
    Mistakes, from which I've learned
    Taught me, to never let myself get burned


    Love again
    Never love again

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