Ten Through the Fire Lyrics

The Name of the Rose Track Listing
  • 1 The Name of the Rose
  • 2 Wildest Dreams
  • 3 Don't Cry
  • 4 Turn Around
  • 5 The Pharaoh's Prelude: Ascension to the Afterlife
  • 6 Wait for You
  • 7 The Rainbow
  • 8 Through the Fire
  • 9 Goodnight Saigon
  • 10 Wings of the Storm
  • 11 Standing in Your Light
  • 12 The Quest
  • 13 You're My Religion
  • That I’ve found the words to say

    For the wasted years I’ve lived a lie
    With an emptiness inside
    I was reaching for a sign
    I thought I’d never find

    When I laid eyes upon you
    You scattered all my dreams
    A cage that I belonged to
    Shattered at the seams

    Now I know that there is only you
    And together we’ll remain
    Through our endless nights and days
    We’ll set our lives ablaze
    To rise beyond the flames

    Through the fire now I understand
    We are complete
    Through the fire
    Destiny has planned
    That we should meet
    Through the fire
    Now I know it’s forever truly

    To show you that I loved you
    I had to let you go
    But the dream that I hold on to
    Was someday you would know

    Now I feel what lies inside of you
    And I know that day has come
    For when all is said and done
    You’re shining like the sun
    In my universe of one

    Through the fire now that I have seen
    How it can feel
    Through the fire deeper than a
    Dream stronger than steel
    Through the fire I will love you
    Forever truly
    Through the fire I will love you
    Forever truly
    You’re all that I can see
    Spend your life with me

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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