Indwelling Through My Weakness Lyrics

And My Eye Shall Weep Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Hymn
  • 2 And My Eye Shall Weep
  • 3 Whited Sepulchre
  • 4 Throats as Open Graves
  • 5 Through My Weakness
  • 6 Decay
  • 7 The Breath of He Who Kills
  • 8 Famine
  • 9 Wrath
  • 10 In Your Protection
  • I come in Your name and with tears
    I ask for You to
    Expose all my faults, rid me of myself
    And my needs to fulfill my flesh
    Break me and my concieted heart
    Let light shine out of the darkness
    And have glory through my weakness
    Appear in the death of my sin
    Let Your fire burn the evil that eats my mind
    Kill my darkness
    I will fail at everything by myself
    I will fail in Your eyes and my own
    Without Your hand to guide me on my path
    For without You Lord I will fall astray
    I need You Lord, Your Spirit, Your strength
    For when I am weak, then I am strong.

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