Kathryn Williams Three Lyrics

Over Fly Over Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Three
  • 2 Indifference 1
  • 3 Breath
  • 4 Old Low Light 2
  • 5 Just Like a Birthday
  • 6 Shop Window
  • 7 Beachy Head
  • 8 Escaping
  • 9 City Streets
  • 10 Untilt the Dark
  • 11 Baby Blues
  • 12 Full Colour
  • You've seen my faults now I see them too
    I'll believe in anything you say
    As long as it's lasting I'll believe in you
    A secret piece of you has broken off
    And now it's on display, I can't get enough
    Can't get enough of that secret piece of you

    If only you could hear what I think

    This woman told me, maybe you're good to be around
    Cause some people latch on, and you have to learn how to pull them off
    And you just turn round and they're crawling back to get back on

    Oh I wish I could make you hear what I think

    As long as you get access to a closed door

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