Underground Kingz Three Sixteens Lyrics

Super Tight... PA Niggaz Worldwide Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Return
  • 2 Underground
  • 3 It's Supposed to Bubble
  • 4 I Left It Wet for You
  • 5 Feds in Town
  • 6 Pocket Full of Stones, Part 2
  • 7 Front, Back & Side to Side
  • 8 Protect & Serve
  • 9 Stoned Junkee
  • 10 Pussy Got Me Dizzy
  • 11 Three Sixteens
  • [Bun B]
    Whassup, muthafucka? Yeah it's the funk droppa, the punk stoppa
    The trunk poppa ready to break y'all off somethin proper
    You know I'm a villain, so why try?
    Fuck a glock, I'm throwin a glock party, darin niggas to drive by
    I came to smoke a son of a bitch that went for his but didn't pull it
    Fast enough and got blasted up with a bullet
    I'm snipin, I got you in my scope so what's the use of tryin to bail?
    I'm ready to catch a case but not for yayo, for a murder, mayne
    187 ways to rip ya spine out anytime you wanna test
    Say you never heard of pain? Wait till I pull my nine out
    And empty out a clip in yo chest cavity
    Haven't we been known for takin it
    To the sucka muthafuckas that was fakin it
    Makin it known I gots my chrome in my ride
    And I'm fried, P.A. worldwide from the west side, fool!
    Yeeeah, I'm serious! And this is one of three sixteens!
    Yeeeah, ya bastards! I'm serious, this is only one of three sixteens!
    Straight up, I'm serious! That was only one of three sixteens!

    [DJ DMD]
    Now check this shit out, haha ...
    It's DJ DMD, back with that funk flowin laaazy
    Kinda craaazy, never letting niggas fade me
    I'm a little fast on the trigga
    Niggas I get my blast on nightly, you don't wanna fight me
    Take yo ass on down the block, I keeps my shit cocked
    So knock on wood cuz shit could get hot
    On this spot, some niggas catchin lead shots
    Cuz ain't no wipin off these red dots
    Now try me if ya think I won't bust
    Shots to ya dome will leave ya ass in the dust, nigga
    Cuz ain't nobody droppin bigger hits
    I'm makin tracks upon track upon tracks to make these niggas shit
    And I'm down with some fa sho niggas
    So tell me how you gon diss me with a clique full of ho niggas?
    You keep yo ass in yo muthafuckin set
    Or take a slug in ya muthafuckin chest, Reggie, mark ass nigga
    Ya punk bitch!

    [Bun B]
    I'm serious! And this is two of three sixteens!
    Ya punks, I'm serious! This is two of three sixteens!
    Punk ass niggas, I'm serious! This was two of three sixteens!
    Sixteen number three!

    [Pimp C]
    Some muthafuckas think they can go with me
    But most of them niggas just some hoes to me
    I got a lotta niggas that's down with me
    But too many niggas like to clown with me
    They act like they know me but they really don't
    They ask me to come kick it, but they know I won't
    I see they ass in PA, they don't know me, uh
    I see they ass in Houston, I'm they homie
    But, nigga how it feel to be a ho?
    Gettin yo ass kicked at every muthafuckin show
    Tryin to be a gangsta, but nigga yous a fool
    And tryin to kick it with me, like me and y'all cool
    But nigga let's see if you can with that chrome
    I shoulda popped yo ass when you rolled into my home
    But bitch niggas steal, and G niggas mack
    And busta ass niggas gettin bullets in they back
    And that's a muthafuckin fact!

    [Bun B]
    Ya little muthafucka! I'm serious! And that was three of three sixteens!
    For any niggas that wanna test, come up and stress these three muthafuckin sixteens!
    You can't fuck wit it, fool! We drops three of three sixteens!
    And ain't a muthafucka tight like this, we droppin three tight ass sixteens!
    Yeah, I wanna send this out to all them niggas in the ward
    You know what I'm sayin, that drop all that muthafuckin shit
    Like we drop that shit, and to all them OTHER muthafuckas
    On that OTHER muthafuckin side, talking all that other blowsy ass shit
    Y'all need to get back ‘fore I get some muthafuckin shit on my toes
    I done done it before, ho, and I'll do it again!
    U-G-muthafuckin-K! 94! Eat a dick, godammit

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