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Bunkertor 7 Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Open Gate
  • 2 Torn Skin
  • 3 Dying Culture (Second Movement)
  • 4 Bunkertor 7 (German Texture)
  • 5 Mortal Highway
  • 6 Corroded Breed
  • 7 Die in Winter
  • 8 Bunkertor 7 (reprised)
  • 9 Capital Punishment
  • 10 Thorns
  • 11 Tell Me Why
  • 12 Close Gate
  • Once someone told
    A story about these small desert birds
    Throwing themselves
    In thorns when copulating in lust

    And while embraced by death
    They sing so fine than never
    And while embraced by death
    They stay on love forever

    Like martyrs do
    They dedicate their lifes in deep vein
    Of ancient vows
    And die of flaring ardou in haze

    Thorns they lurk on roses stem
    Thet do intend no harm them

    Squeezing me hard
    In thorns that burn like a fire inside
    Thrilling my head
    Until they rip my shivering skin

    Thorns they lurk on rosest stem
    They do intend no harm them
    They lurk on bodies stem
    They make my heart arise them

    Tonight you sleep in hell Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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