Biohazard Thorn Lyrics

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I got this thorn in my side, I try, but I can't get it out
Been killing me for years gone by, a miserable, painful bout
No matter how hard and long I try to rip at it, it stays
Buried deep inside my side enduring, every day

Thorn in my side

I've picked the scab, a trying way, a painful means to amend
Rid myself from the anguish, torment that I must end
I've lived this way for years but now I gotta move on
An oozing sore needs tending to, just like the thorn I adorn

Thorn in my side

Misused, abused, accused, confused

I'm sick and tired of backwards views, my soul's too tired
All black and bruised

Thorn in my side

Written by: Daniel Schuler, Evan Seinfeld, William Daniel, Iv Graziadei
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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