Shannon Lawson This Old Heart Lyrics

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I've got a feeling that I just can't escape
No matter how I try it won't go away
I guess it's something I just can't change
Every beat still calls out your name

This old hearts gotta go
'Cause you're all it's ever known
Lonely and broken
Now that you're gone
It holds onto your memory
And it's time for me to move on
This old hearts gotta go

Me, my heart and her went out on the town
Just trying to have some fun but three was a crowd
It just compared her to you
There's only thing to do


How was I to know I would be betrayed
Never thought that my own heart would do me this way


This old hearts gotta go
This old hearts gotta go

Written by: Del Gray, Shannon Lawson
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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