Tech N9ne This Is Me Lyrics

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[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Hahahaha, in the world of BET
I'm just too better than rock and roll huh
In the world of MTV
My name is too gangsta huh, hahaha
Man, Stragne Music we got this baby
This year we got this one baby
Red hair, red everything
It's Tech N9ne baby like it or not

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Never been a harder rhymer in my region globaly thats holdin' me I'm totaly hard and bossed up
Why you think that the majority of the rap musical authority sword me and balled and crossed 'em
Cause they don't wanna let the crazy kid in then
Spit his hymms, begin a grim religion
Of rhymes, forbiddin my -ism's are hidden
My mind, to written then spittin' the kid in
The N9ne, is playin' you, slayin' you, sprayin' you, perminitly delayin' you, swayin' through
It's the gay in you thats hatin' who somethin' thats hella beyond us
(I love Kanye, his shit is bombay, but I'm rough)
And you can see it in my retina
That I won't be lettin' ya
Threatin' us, better respect Tech the Messenga
Too dope on this to be
History listen this is a mystery
While they spittin' and dissin' me

[Hook: Tech N9ne & Big Krizz Kalico]
This is me (this is me)
I'm a king, I'm a klown, I'm a G (I'm a G)
I believe what I want
Got you singin' my song
But your seein' me wrong
So what's a matter with me?
This is the belief (the belief)
The religion has arisin' from the deep (from the deep)
Darkest prison if you listen you will see (you will see)
If collision your decision you will reap what you sow forget what you know this is me

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
This is Tech bra
For years I've been the next to collect a plethora of checks lets get extra
Is what I set to Travis
Let's go select the baddest rappers infect the planet leave 'em in exta
See I'm a vet the powers don't really wanna let the best
come and wreck the sets and test your sector
Instead of rawness like Inspecta Deckta
Eldest rather set they specs on Mason Betha
Slept on my records
If you knew my musics Hannibal Lector
What the hell you callin' for Master Flex for?
Don't pester me I won't sweat you be on a quest to
Investigate your techma respect the
Shockra tease in hop to these
Hot degrees me and Mr. O apostrophe
Never listen to these popasees cause they suck!
(I love 50 Cent he gritty went he vent but I'm rough)
And you can see it in my demeanor
The Tecca Nina will blast arenas
The grass is greener
Made it, Ma, on top of the world
Kiss me, miss me (This Is Me)
Can't you see?


[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
The industry treat me like a ride on the short bus
Thats why I'm tellin' they youngstas, "When your retort, cuss"
And make your fort fuss
Cause you went out to Sam Goody or F.Y.E. with they money and you support us
Strangas, Shadys, Psychopaths and Juggalos
Loseers, Shooters College women and gutter hoes
Rock it from precious doe
Drops it just lets it flow
Cop it don't knock it you block us stop at the record store
This is Aaron Yates, This Alyia and Rain
This is for little Donnie this is for all of Koia's pain
This is, for the sickness of Marty Sue
This is for all the love of Sarah, Susie, Aramay, and Nasida Lou
This is for Ike and Ricky, Rufus, Rhonda, Barbra, and Marla, really
This is for Beezle and I know that rest of my family is with me
This is my friends, this is the end, this is a G
This is life, this is wrong, this right, this is me

[Hook - 2X]
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