Kierra Kiki Sheard This Is Me Lyrics

This Is Me Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Yes
  • 2 You
  • 3 You're the Only One
  • 4 Get Better (It's Not Over)
  • 5 This Is Me
  • 6 It Is What It Is
  • 7 Have What You Want
  • 8 Wrong Things
  • 9 Why Me?
  • 10 Faith
  • 11 Hands Up
  • 12 Get Yours
  • 13 Scream
  • 14 Hear This
  • 15 No Never
  • 16 Rise

  • Whenever I had the nerve to think that I had outgrown my teacher
    Or I was living too good to listen to the preacher
    You'd make it so that I would realize my disillusion
    Then I'd have to re-evaluate some things
    At one time I was truly a circumstantial kind of praiser
    Only when things were going good I'd lift my voice to worship
    Forgetting, when all of the chips were down who faitfully stayed around
    And helped me out, Lord I don't know how
    At times, I lost sight of my faith
    At times, I tried
    But I found it hard to wait on You
    Many times I have taken things in my own hands
    And messed up bad
    So here I am singing
    This is me
    (In my entirety)
    This is me
    (A person saved by grace)
    Humbly, confessing:
    With you I'm something but without you I'm nothing Lord
    This is me
    (So plain and ordinary)
    This is me
    (Minus everything fancy)
    Placed simply here
    To give you praises and give you honor to your name
    Through trials you mold me
    I'm forever a work of art in progress
    Though I don't always seem to see it
    Yes it does manifest
    It's just so evidently
    No one can deny that You're the one
    Working through me, so I can be
    What you called me
    With thoughts of faith I read Your Word
    And boldly proclaim my blessing
    And with my whole heart I will worship you
    Simply for being above all things
    The morning star that brings light and hope for me
    Lord I really need thee
    I pray that you forgive me for the times I couldn't take at your Word
    Word Lord, I am willing to give my everything
    Everything to please thee
    Lord, you grace is more than sufficient and
    As for your will for me
    I accept it and
    Who I am in You I'm confident and I believe
    Please here me
    I come to thee

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