The Gadjits This Could Be Permanent Lyrics

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Cause i'm anticipating seeing you
I got a bottle of the hard stuff
Cause iknow what it does to you
Disgraceful adn shamless
Calculated and pathetic
But if we come far enough to feel good again
Who knows with a little anethstetic

Let's get into that old crow
Let's get back some of that old glow
I can feel it i know it
This could be permenant
And i want this to be so

There's no finer shade of blue
Than the one i wear for you
Put on my funeral suit
Get down and mourn for you
Tears hanging in my eyes
Looking ou through a diamond
Miracles of pure woe
Flow from my heart of coal

Make a fool of me
Talk about me
Trample my lillies and be cruel to me
Come up to see me
An act of charity
Drink off my bottle
I'll make you jewelry

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