Keri Hilson This Boy Likes Me (Intro) Lyrics

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I Cant Sleep with Him Following Me,Why Cant He See,That My World Is Empty,I Just Need Some Time To Breath,I Gotta Stand On My Two Feet,But He Still Wont Leave,This Boy Is Crazy,He Been Around All Lately,Yes Indeed
Please...Just Leave Me Alone,All I Need Is A Little Time On My Own,Your Not My Type,I'm Sorry,But I Would've Gone Out With Another Guy,Oh!...Polow & Timbo I'm Telling You... This Boy Likes Me,This Boy,This Boy,Likes Me,...This Boy Likes Me,This Boy,This Boy,Likes Me....In A Perfect World...,I'm Still Sorry I Cant Be Your Girl
Thanks to Tre'Shon Jenkins/Tray J 93309 for submitting This Boy Likes Me (Intro) Lyrics.

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