Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Third World Service Lyrics

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Crisis in the nightNo lighting in the ballroomVoices come and goTalking MichaelangeloDown in the forestThe insect Kindom gathersPictures getting restlesTrouble in the Night.
Waiting for the moonsoonNo lighting in the ballroom. (repeat)
Finger in the skyThey're jamming all the airwavesSearching for the traitorThat blew the generatorOh,Mother - couldn't find a candleMan, this station's justo to hot to ....(hanlde)Waiting for the moonsonNo lighting in the ballroomBlood flecked voicesDistortion and gainStatic interference, short wave rainAnd there's not repetition of signal chime(But the) feeble receptionCouldn't get the meantime.Waiting for the moonsonNo lighting in the ballroomWaiting for the moonsonNo lighting in the ballroom
Anthony Moore (c) 1981 Blackhill/Warner Bros Music Ltd for the World.
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