Whitney Houston Think About My Love Lyrics

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[Verse 1:]

What he has heard this time
I can listen to his mind
That somebody is telling lies
It is always something
Her auntie told his cousin
Then all the whole men jumped in
And now the whole places are buzzing
He said, she said
Don't let it get inside your head
He will not say
Anything he can regret
I am on my own team
It's us against them you're gonna see
I can't stop
You can take what i got

Why'd you think about my love
Before you'd make it obvious
And you'd get so envious
Stop thinking about my love
If there's no strange thing about
Nobody can run their own mouth
I'm just gonna tune them out

(Verse 2)
You worked on my nerves
Extending what you heard
You really have no burn
I am not concerned with all the talk
Because i'm not involved which is all.
Did you know i'm not the one
Who had me mixed up
When you messed me up
I already had enough
If it came to what we did
All that matters was us too
I try not to pay you mind
But i will always show and prove

(Chorus 2x)

I'm so over you
I know we are through
On me i can feel your eyes
That you'd tell me lies
I got to run fast
And i will not turn back
In my life,
I used to know why...
(Why would you?)
Thanks to Whitney Houston for submitting Think About My Love Lyrics.

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