E-40 They Might Be Taping Lyrics

My Ghetto Report Card Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Yay Area
  • 2 Tell Me When to Go
  • 3 Muscle Cars
  • 4 Go Hard or Go Home
  • 5 Gouda
  • 6 Sick Wid It II
  • 7 JB Stomp Down (skit)
  • 8 They Might Be Taping
  • 9 Do Ya Head Like This
  • 10 Block Boi
  • 11 White Gurl
  • 12 GettheFuckOn.com, Part 1 (skit)
  • 13 U and Dat
  • 14 I'm Da Man
  • 15 Yee
  • 16 GettheFuckOn.com, Part 2 (skit)
  • 17 Just Fuckin
  • 18 Gimme Head
  • 19 She Say She Loves Me
  • 20 Happy to Be Here
  • [E-40]
    I like this Rick Rock

    I don't be slackin in my mackin, I be doin it in a player fashion
    Makin it happen, speakers slappin, scootin and skatin and Cadillac'n
    I be, representin my region and pullin up in somethin decent
    Used to buy **** off the lot, but now lately I've been leasin
    Like the white man I've been thinkin, tryin to come up with a plan
    How to spend this dope money, buy some houses and some land
    Tryin to teach you *****z somethin, tryin to lace you like a shoe
    Buy a couple of big Celebrities pimpin it ain't gotta be brand new
    I'm a boss about my ****, about the way I carry it
    The way I wear my glasses low, the way I sport my toothpick
    The way I pop it at a hoe, the way I utilize my mouth
    The way I keep my ****in blowover over at a relative's house
    Beware of yo' surroundings, gotta handpick yo' cronies
    Gotta be about your allowance, and X out all the phonies
    Gotta watch out for them folks, gotta watch yo' conversations
    Gotta be careful on the phones cause them folks might be taping

    (Aww ****, talk in pig latin, use the codes)
    They might be taping
    (Aww man, you think they taping?)
    Gotta be careful on the phones cause them folks might be taping
    (Aww ****, they readin lips, cover your nose)
    They might be taping
    (Naw man, you think they taping?)
    Gotta be careful on the phones cause them folks might be taping

    40 {?} an ounce of space, ain't even had time to wash my face
    I been in the traffic tryin to get it, I ain't got time to ****in waste
    My money's short like I'm slippin, I'm tryin to smack it up and flip it
    I'm tryin to turn this thousand dollars into a quarter of a mill' ticket
    Some of you suckers be lyin to kick it, but that ain't the ****in way
    *****z be sellin mo' wolf tickets than fake autographs on eBay
    My orangutangs'll growl, with our upside down smile
    We been doin it for a while, you can check my d-boy file
    I be ****in 'em up like this man, I be killin 'em off like that
    Divin up in them hoes mayne and treatin them hoes like rats
    *****z don't really know that I'm so sincere about this here
    *****z don't really know that I got my name from drinkin beer
    Do a cauliflowered ear, me and my muskateers
    Come through with them choppers, let the lil' homey steer
    I like to dress up in my doctors, camouflage my real career
    But I'm really packin woppers, pistols rusty like Pam Grier


    "Taping, taping, taping-taping-taping" [2X]
    [E-40] They might be taping
    "Taping, taping, taping-taping-taping" [2X]
    [E-40] Gotta be careful on the phones cause them folks might be taping

    I wish a ************ would, I'm still livin my second childhood
    My mentality, my frame of mind, all hood
    I'm in the local booth with my nine, breakin down a backwood
    Sippin on 40, drink cloud nine, try to get it while it's good
    In the heart of the soil, in the middle of the paint, where it ain't
    Where we park our cars on the grass, sell hop and push crank
    Where the dopefiends dig in our tracks and siphon gas from our tanks
    Where the biggest hypocrites in the church call themselves saints
    I don't gossip like *****es I mind my own ****in business
    Dig yaper good money cause that sucker **** ain't nutritious
    I don't be burnin no bridges I'm a loyalist 'bout my riches
    Gumbo pots boil, good with the skillet like a chemist
    Steady long like a female weave, cooler than antifreeze
    Bust you in the toe like Eddie Murphy did DeLouise
    Act like you know what I represent, ***** please
    That powdered milk section 8 and that government cheese, hoe!


    [Outro - same as Interlude]

    Written by: Earl Stevens, Earl T Stevens, Ricardo Thomas
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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