Piebald They Don't Understand Us at the Academy Lyrics

We're walking past the windows
Trying to disrupt the classes
Where you're learning nothing
In a gang of five or more
They'll discredit us and defile our names
But we know the truth
I've got a noose around my neck
I've got a fever
I've got the stuff I think you'd want
I've got a noose around my neck
And I've heard the news
I've heard the news
Now we're walking through the campus
This is the place where minds are turned into robotics
In our gang of five or more
They teach us what to think but not to think on our own
Taking this back to cellophane court
I can't see what I've learned but know that I've changed
My friends they all laugh but what do they know
The world is unfair, it's set up all the way
The self made brain is what we want
Nail what I've learned to the front of my door
Manufacturing thoughts and selling them too
The gang of five is not infinite yet
We may grow up and get lost in it all

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