Teddy Geiger These Walls Lyrics

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I can't believe what is in front of me
The waters rising up to my knees
And I can't figure out
How the hell I wound up here
Everything seemed ok
When I started out the other day
And the rain came pouring down
And now I'm drowning in my fears
As I watch the setting sun
I wonder if I'm the only one

'cause everybody tries to put some love on the line
And everybody feels a broken heart sometimes
And even when I'm scared I have to try to fly
Sometimes I fall but I've seen it done before
Gotta step outside these walls

I've got no master plan to
Help me out or make me stand up
For all of the things that I really want
You had me too afraid to ask
And as I look ahead of me
I try to pray for sanity

These walls can be my haven
These walls can keep me safe here
Now I guess I've got to let them down


I gotta break out
I gotta break out
I've to step out side these walls
Outside these walls
Well it's a brand new day
And I'll be going down
'cause I'll be stepping out
I'll be stepping outside these walls
Yeah I've seen it done before
I'm walking on
Yeah I'm moving on
Give me something
Steppin outside these walls

Written by: Beth Cohen, Peter Wallace, Teddy Geiger

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