DAY26 Then There's You Lyrics

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I woke up stressin' yesterday
I went to sleep the same way
First thing that I saw this morning was your face,
I think today I'll be okay
Thank You, baby
Amazing how just one kiss
(Just one kiss alone)
Makes the drama not exist

And when the walls start closing in
Then there's you (rescuing me)
And when the world starts crumbling (crumbling)
Then there's you.
If I got nothing else, there's always you.

And your soothing massage
After I been working hard
You cater to my needs unselfishly
And in this crazy world you are my sanity
I thank you, baby
Amazing how just one kiss
Makes the drama not exist
(It don't exist anymore)



Oh, she's the only one that knows how to calm my nerves Thank you, baby, thank you baby)
Oh, I don't mind if nobody else knows but her, but her

[Chorus: x2]

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