Bloodlet The Triumph Lyrics

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Perpetuate the sin of the fifth nothing is holy nothing is sacred begging the demons to surge kiss them on the mouth as the martyr is forgotten ascension through sacrilege forgotten benediction glorify embrace as all the angels in heaven weep take me away from here a man most abhorred to the gods my fists clench teeth grit I have witnessed your saviors demise I have watched you slice his throat and I have laughed bathe in infamy lust hypocrisy wretch
Entheogen Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Brainchild
  • 2 Something Wicked
  • 3 Annulment
  • 4 One and Only
  • 5 Shell
  • 6 CPAI-75
  • 7 The Triumph
  • 8 Eucharist
  • 9 95
  • 10 CPAI-76
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