Wale The Zenith Lyrics

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Ft. Stalley

[Verse 1:Stalley]
Boy I’m shinning of these hoes
Triple gold daytons when I’m riding on these hoes
Got that leather and wood
You know how the story goes
I’m always on my toes when I ain’t pushing a wheel
Tyres screech and squeal as I bend it to the top
All these haters sit and watch my climb wishing that it stop
I got a crown on my wrist and a crown on my top
And I got it on alone now they crowding my spot, man
Is this the game that I chose
Nobody gave me ish so it’s nobody I owe
I got that Lee-roy glow
Solar ? assassin and I’m ?
Gold dangling all over
This W tat sweating
It’s double MG, I ain’t gonna be slipping
Go on forever, tell the Sandman to wake em up
And help me count this cheddar
Not enough hands on me, eyes on the ground
Got a couple ? I’m just living my life
They said I would change, I’m just proving em right

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