Ja Rule feat. Hussein Fatal The Wrap (freestyle) Lyrics

Buck 89 on the boards, what up buck
Word to god, Hussein, what up *****
Haha, life is good, a yo
It's a reality that, all the real *****s
Have to smash on the ***** *****s
And you know I like to call this the wrap, hehe, yeah, uh, yeah

It's a wrap and any men that don't wanna get clapped
Better not violate the camp, get shot down by chance
I'm real advanced with that **** and blast
Cause the feds wont look back, for cleaning cash
What cashes we cleansing, it's all about the Benjamins, what
If it's dirty then we rincing it off
You *****s don't give a ****, mobbed up in h2s
*****s is talking ****, aw *****, that's old news
They say I rap to rhythm and blues
But when I turn on the radio, I hear y'all *****s rappin' it too
He's like "baby can you give it to me"
Nah, I'ma give it to you
The same way that we gave it to proof
The same way that we gave it to loose
Put that bang, bang, bang to use *****
Cause rule's the truth *****, for show
Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-uh-uh-oh
Hit 'em in retro, throwback like west 'paul
*****s wanna ball, but can't on the west coast
Dre day's been dead a long time ago
Respect the inc/row/rap-a-lot collabo'
Just know that you ***** ain't save on the globe
And while the world probes, I arrest verse i.n.c.
I'm still wishing y'all the r.i.p.
Can I live, for I d.i.e.
I'm talkin', m.o.b, murder inc bosses
Count your losses
[fatal hussein]
Now before they start runnin' they lips
I thought I should warn these ************s, there's a gun in this *****
And I know he's got one on his hip
But I got the drop, and outside, rule got the drops
All it takes is a **** and a pop
Money for bail, ain't seeing no more sales
Instead, I'm poppin' on yahts
They told me j.prince runnin' the south
And I'm beast from the east, that'll come and put a gun in your mouth
I got bricks for days, dicks to make a ***** behave
Had to baldhead my **** threw, had to switch the waves
Just that quick, slip and the mac spit, bladdat
Four up in they chest and reload while they back flip
We in this together, bad weather, rippin' the storm
They some dictionary rappers, they just spittin' the norm
You supposed to know the la costra nostra flow
I did it, cause I lived it, you can quote the flow
Hit your six up with sixteen in sixty seconds
Get your whips up, we split beams, keep fifty weapons
To you coppers that's posin' a threat
Fire up the air, wholes in the tec
To put a hole in your neck
See I rep for the four forty but I'm about the five
Ride by, blazin' out the five, ***** I'm so cool
*****es say, hizzy, you remind me of the old school
In the club posted, snatching hoes with no jewels

You know
As the world turns, these ***** *****s is runnin'
And hiding and **** (you know these ************s be ducking' hidin')
But I'm ****ing chasin y'all fagots
All across the globe (smashing they ***)
Out the back of bet, out the back of clubs
*****, you ain't poppin' bub in no **********in' clubs, nowhere
*****, be honest with yourself you ****ing clowns
You *****s is ****ing clowns, y'all ain't gonna nowhere
I'm right here, I'm right here, huntin' you'll **********in'
***** *** *****s down, it's a wrap *****s, it's a wrap *****s
It's a wrap *****s, it's a wrap *****s
A yo, this *****, this ***** runnin' around talkin' about
"I got shot nine times, I got shot"
Want everybody to be **********in' sympathetic
A yo 50, pull your skirt down b,
A yo, *****s get shot everday b, you tough? haha
Yeah, murder inc ****, ***** *** *****
We out

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