XTC The World Is Full of Angry Young Men Lyrics

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Gone are the days
When hate filled my heart
I feel now I am a happy man
I laugh now at values that I had

All through my youth
I was shouting and no one would hear
Blind to the ways
Of the people who now I hold dear
It's loud and clear

The world is full of angry young men
Chip on the shoulder,
An ideal in their head
The world is full of angry young men
Who think life owes them something
But you only get out what goes in

There was a time
When I fought the world
I see now
It was just an act to stage
I see clear
The colors through the haze

As time goes on
Your opinion will change like the weather
Things that you said
Now seem small
They just don't seem to matter
I look for the better


There was a time I was lost in the dark
I ran a race I didn't know where to start
Now I've changed my ways
Seeing better days
I'm turning my world upside down


Angry young men
What you put in is what you get out

Written by: Colin Moulding

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