Glasvegas The World Is Yours Lyrics

EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\ Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Pain Pain, Never Again
  • 2 The World Is Yours
  • 3 You
  • 4 Shine Like Stars
  • 5 Whatever Hurts You Through the Night
  • 6 Stronger Than Dirt (Homosexuality, Part 2)
  • 7 Dream Dream Dreaming
  • 8 I Feel Wrong (Homosexuality, Part 1)
  • 9 Euphoria, Take My Hand
  • 10 Lots Sometimes
  • 11 Change
  • Mister mojo's rising
    I took a ride
    From the L.A. mountains through time
    To get you and see you as mine
    I dreamt you were mine

    Mister mojo's dying
    Rising inside me is shyness
    Hesitations from youth
    Eternally hold the hand of me and you
    Still I dream
    You were mine.

    Talks expensive and subtleties ring blind
    Don't let bad timing be the cost of our love lost
    Our crippling shyness butchering love all the time
    Please please god pull the stars to align
    Lets not leave it to another time
    Remember in the midst of my dreams when I dreamt you were mine
    Through letters of love saying the words
    In the right order can be awkward and tough
    Time is slipping through
    To express how I desire you
    Its something I don't know how to
    The fear of losing you is elevating me on through
    Whilst the undeniable truth is alive and true
    You don't need me as much as I need you
    The tables have turned to my staggering astound
    The wheels in my mind go round and round

    And I dreamt you were mine

    Since my eyes saw yours
    If I'm your world
    Then the world is yours
    If my lips kissed yours
    If I'm your world
    Then the world is yours
    Then the world is yours

    Written by: James Allan
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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