Marty Willson-Piper The Width and the Height Lyrics

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Squarely the distance goes round and round
Overly shown in a drowned patchy place
The lock on the dreamy door is a waste
Open and down the sheltered steps
You'll find new places where thoughts are kept

Make sure you're small, make sure you're thin
Where the width and the height begin
Fake is a state, tears on a cake
Where the width and the height take shape

Escaped in a train to somewhere green
Where window cleaners clean and cream
Taste this unusual crop that I've picked
Find future in things to say
Grown some taste and go away
Love's in your pocket so don't kiss the air

The make-up room it isn't real
Belts drape chairs, wet clothes reveal
Out from this book
There's a picture you can peel
But felty walls won't mean the pool is smooth

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