Bow Wow The Wickedest Lyrics

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My Name is
This one goes out to everybody all around the world
Dog to dog
Girl to girl
I need y'all to help me spell my name

Be, bad
O, Outstanding
W, everybody know I'm the wickedest
Wow, that's what the girls all scream when I pop up in the screen, and
Proceed to get down

Ha ha, doggy bag
Everybody listenin'
Beats still pumping
And mickey still glistening
Around here we take balling around to the next step
On them 22's back seat in the concept
I take full responsibility of infire
I won't stop rocking till I retire
I'm so in the mix, so so sick
I know just what to do, that's why they so in love with the
Be, bad
O, outstanding
W, everybody know I'm the wickedest
Want to get close, so they can kick it how I'm kicking this
Hat to the back, pants down low
Gotta keep it G-H-E-T-T-O, huh
Uh, I been with Destiny, Jessica, Madonna
I'm at the tippy top, and I ain't never going under
1 shot nail it, now every body spell it


Ya chain might be thick, but mines is more thicker
Might know how to run. but I'm a whole lot quicker
Got so many ways to you, it's a shame to me
And ain't none of y'all out that can hang with be
Young, old, I don't care what you is
The name of your label, or the place you live
You better recognize a real dime when you see one
Sipping on a shirly, hollering at your girly
One full pocket stay fatty
And I take it to the house so much they call me young Trick Daddy
And that's how it is when you dealing with a dog
I might lick you in your face, or bite your head off
After death I'm the under boss ain't no secret
Got everything lock and that's how we gonna keep it
Bandaned up, braided, still acting a fool
Ha, still the hottest thing in high school, I'm the


I came through the door blazing
Hotter than them California raisins
Back in them days when they was a lick
My money play is to hit you with the down and out
Look around everybody trying to go my route
And I don't drop no duds, I only drop burners
The game is mine, and I don't even gotta learn it
Can't drive but I can keep a party live
Both folks say I remind them of the Jackson 5
Cause I only make hits
While y'all make record
I'm the deli as the homie with the full blown package
Can't leave your girl around me
Cause I'm a true player for real ask my homie JD
I'm the


Written by: Bryan Michael Paul Cox, Jermaine Dupri
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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