The Fatima Mansions The White Knuckle Express Lyrics

Viva Dead Ponies Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Angel's Delight
  • 2 Concrete Block
  • 3 Mr. Baby
  • 4 The Door-to-Door Inspector
  • 5 Start the Week
  • 6 You're a Rose
  • 7 Legoland 3
  • 8 Thursday
  • 9 CeauČ™escu Flashback
  • 10 Broken Radio No. 1
  • 11 Concrete Block
  • 12 Look What I Stole for Us, Darling
  • 13 Farewell Oratorio
  • 14 The White Knuckle Express
  • 15 Chemical Cosh
  • 16 Tima Mansio Speaks
  • 17 A Pack of Lies
  • 18 Viva Dead Ponies
  • 19 More Smack, Vicar
  • A man with no hands waving
    and the dog 'round my leg bumps and grinds
    It rains for miles outside there
    on mud and tar and still air
    and the fungus-lined gap between stinking towns

    Pork-Eyes got him a brand new hand to hold
    He's gonna grasp you
    He won't ask you
    and he'll tell you it's your fault

    The cup runneth over, it's yours to bless
    on the white-knuckle express

    She is a grey snake, I cannot see her face
    She slides across me
    I am wearing a collar and a tie

    We're tuneful, cute and giving
    See, that's how we make our living
    In a hall filled with corpses, we'd smile and bounce on
    Some say it's aimless bullshit
    but they come from big houses and budgets
    and, although I don't look it, I'm getting really fucking old

    Pork-Eyes, in the presence of a sweet young girl:
    He's gonna spill you, it better thrill you,
    or he'll rip this place apart
    Pork-Eyes! We're going up! Feet-first, feet-first!
    and the legend on that girl's thigh reads "Love = Hurt = Hate"--CHORUS

    Pork-Eyes, he will stroke your long hair tenderly in all the waterfront bars
    where the wine and hollow talk-of-men will muffle things that really, really are
    and you'll go back to your room with him on your healthy sandalled feet
    to come out minutes later, bleeding, torn above, torn underneath...

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